THE UNITED SERVICES UNION (USU) continues dialogue with HCF management on a number of issues, including unpaid meetings, monitoring of toilet breaks and management of unplanned leave. Members are encouraged to report any instances of unfair treatment in the workplace, particularly if you feel the Enterprise Agreement (EA) or a Policy has been breached. IMPORTANTLY, the Enterprise Agreement (EA) will shortly commence negotiations. We will get to that in a bit, but first some other news:

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With negotiations to commence shortly, now is the time to join your union.

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The strength of a union is in its numbers: no numbers = no negotiating power.

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The USU has requested that HCF provide a written statement of understanding detailing the method and desires of their current management of ‘excess personal leave’. A copy of the notice issued 3rd of April 2018 is available on the USU website.

In January 2018, HCF committed to the installation of noticeboards in Parramatta, St Leonards and Sydney. HCF advised that the delay is due to construction works having not been finalised. We hope to have this finalised by the end of the financial year, so we can start a year afresh.

And now, in other news….

Time to talk

As you may be aware, the HCF Enterprise Agreement 2016 will expire on 30 June 2018. Late on Thursday 29 March 2018 the USU received notification from HCF of their intention to commence bargaining.

Bargaining Meetings
HCF has requested a compressed schedule of meetings to commence in April and run until the end of May. The USU has responded and requesting suitable time to consult with members before commitment to a meeting schedule, and has proposed members be released on work time to attend a session at Parramatta, St Leonards or Sydney:

• PARRAMATTA: two 30 minute sessions, one before lunch and one after lunch.
• ST LEONARDS: one 30 minute session before lunch.
• SYDNEY: two 30 minute sessions, one before lunch and one after lunch.

The purpose of these sessions is for members to contribute to the log of claims and for bargaining representatives to be elected.

The USU has requested the bargaining meeting schedule is settled once the USU has been able to consult with members, which we intend to do in early to mid-May.

Bargaining Committee
To assist in EA bargaining, the USU is seeking nominations to participate in the HCF Enterprise Agreement (EA) bargaining committee, to represent the views and opinions of their workgroups and colleagues.

As a bargaining representative, you would be involved in discussions with HCF management with a view to improving your working conditions and entitlements. The USU will work with you to facilitate discussion with HCF as well as report back to members on progress of the negotiations.

Currently, three members have nominated to participate on the bargaining committee:

• Glynnis Ferret (Processing & Resolution Officer)

• Rebekah Tong (Member Care Consultant)
• Nadasha Tuwhakaraina (Retention)

If you are interested in nominating, please contact your union official.

We will keep members updated with the EA as it progresses.


USU Official Emily Callachor –