Your negotiating team is pleased to advise that members have overwhelmingly endorsed the Agreement that will soon be put to you to vote on.

The new Agreement sees an enhancement on many of the conditions you enjoy.

The headline outcomes of the new Agreement are:

  • 3 pay increases of 2.5%, 2.65% & 2.8%, payable on July 1 of each year;
  • The Agreement will nominally expire on 31 December 2023, keeping you in cycle with the other players in the NSW Electrical Power Industry;
  • Superannuation will be in addition to the universal pay increases. Those on Defined Benefits, Manager/Specialist or Transition arrangements will have the most recent .5% increase back paid to 1 July of this year;
  • Provisions to allow flexible working arrangements from home;
  • A vastly improved Dispute Settlement Procedure;
  • Superannuation to be payable whilst on Paid Parental Leave; and
  • Access to Paid Parental Leave in the unfortunate events of miscarriage or stillbirth.

The negotiation of this proposed Agreement hasn’t been without its challenges and we thank our membership for their patience.  I would also like to pay my thanks to your negotiating committee, in no particular order:

  • Gary Dowers (Penrith)
  • Tracey Turner (H’wood)
  • Stuart Kirk (Glendenning)
  • Dave Johnson (Hoxton Park)

Troy Dunne
0419 403 076