We are hearing from concerned members with regards to an initiative called Raise the Bar.

We have become aware of an email from the CEO on 1 March with regards to an intention to clamp down on poor performance.

Never meet aloneOur concerns are that performance is subjective and the determination of what is or isn’t “poor performance” can be left in the hands of managers.

We intend to discuss this matter with management as it is our preliminary view that such initiatives require consultation – this is in light of the fact we have come to be aware in the last week or so of a significant increase in the issuing of Performance Improvement Plans (PIPs) pursuant to the Raise the Bar initiative and disciplinary procedures.

We strongly advise our members that if they are invited to any meetings with management, especially any meeting that may be related to performance, they should NEVER attend on their own. Members are advised that they should have a union delegate or colleague present at any and all meetings.

YOUR Agreement
Unfortunately, although expected, we are yet to hear from the FWC with regards to a hearing to have your Agreement approved. We will obviously advise members as we become aware of any progress on this front.

The USU’s membership has grown this year and we remain the largest state branch of one of the largest federal unions. In NSW, our membership is 30,000 whilst we sit at about 130,000 nationally.

2 coffees

Obviously, we wish to see our growth continue and we ask that our members continue to encourage their non-member colleagues to join – it’s 2 coffees a week for full time employees. New members can join by contacting Troy Dunne at tdunne@usu.org.au

Alternatively, point them towards our website – www.usu.org.au/join