Vote by postWithin the next three weeks you should receive a ballot form in the post so you can vote on your Enterprise Agreement. This agreement, if approved by you, will set out your workplace conditions for the next three years.

Your USU negotiating team, which was made up of your Union Delegates and Officials think this agreement is suitable for you to vote on. The meetings last week also overwhelmingly agreed it’s time to vote.

A copy of the draft agreement can be downloaded here 

We will also send copies to your delegates and place them in various positions around Council. If you can’t access the agreement online contact your Delegate or Organiser and we’ll tell you where you can see one.

We distributed a Summary Guide (Download here) which showed most of the changes made to this agreement, and we’ve had a few meetings where you could ask questions. But we weren’t able to cover it all. So go and have a read, and ask your Delegate or Organiser if you have any questions.

When your ballot arrives, fill it out and post it back as soon as you can.

REMEMBER – These are your workplace conditions – YOUR VOTE COUNTS.