On 1 March 2019 it was reported in the local Armidale Express that the General Manager of Armidale Regional Council was quoted as follows –

“We are continuing to reduce costs, particularly around our staffing costs.. and over a period of time not replacing a large number of vacancies.”

On Monday 25 March 2019 this very matter was the subject of dispute proceedings before the New South Wales Industrial Relations Commission. The Union sought that the General Manager withdraw that statement and issue an open memo to all of our members providing comfort that the Council will comply with their Local Government (State) Award 2017 obligations.

The General Manager’s legal representative refused to withdraw the statement.

Council has now provided a full organisational structure that the Union requested some 12 months ago. In the next few weeks our Organiser and delegates will be reviewing the structure and advising as to what positions have been deliberately not filled and we will be advising the IRC of those positions.

This matter goes back before the IRC on 24 April 2019. If you are concerned about your position or are being required to undertake additional duties because of a position not being filled please talk to your delegate/s or call your local organiser Shane Evans on 0429 457 180 or email sevans@usu.org.au

Your local workplace delegate are:
Gregory Keene 0428 255 698
Glen Wallace 02 6770 3843
Paul Johnson 0432 683 337