It has been alleged to the USU that a small minority of managers/supervisors at Port Stephens Council are using unethical and unscrupulous tactics in requesting USU members attend an informal chat then proceeding with formalising matters.

Informal chatIt has been alleged that this minority of managers/supervisors are not complying with the Port Stephens Council Workplace Equity and Diversity Guide, the Industrial Relations Act 1996 and the Code of Conduct for Local Government.

By using the old “INFORMAL CHAT” routine members are potentially being denied procedural fairness.

Don’t be fooled into this situation by managers, supervisors, etc.

Make sure you are represented by highly trained USU delegates or officials. Your local delegates and officials have received up to date training which, as a USU member, will give you a better chance of a positive outcome rather than a support person WHO CANNOT ADVOCATE on the member’s behalf as they are merely an observer.

Your rights as a USU member allow you to take a UNION DELEGATE or UNION ORGANISER to any meeting with management in regards to any issue.

So if you are summoned to a meeting with your supervisors contact your local delegates:

Ken Sewell
Andrew Cole

Sharon Bates
Frank Hinton

USU organiser
Ian Haywood 0400 261 078
4962 1444