Today at Inner West Council, CEO Michael Deegan and the USU signed three Council Agreements ensuring Inner West Council is one of the leading councils in NSW Local Government in regards to employment conditions for outdoor workers.

The Inner West Council was formed from Ashfield, Leichhardt and Marrickville Councils as part of the amalgamation of councils that took place in 2016. This resulted in a multitude of Agreements from the different councils in play, giving varying conditions and pay for different workers doing the same work.

In negotiation with the USU, Inner West Council has transitioned into new Agreements that will see the harmonisation of better working conditions rather than taking the easy option of removing Agreements and reverting back to the Award.

“I congratulate our delegates at Inner West Council for the work they put in to ensure the best deal for members could be reached,” USU Manager Metro Steve Donley said.

A list of some of the things achieved today at Inner West Council include:

Streetscapes Council Agreement.

  • 35hrs per week.
  • 9 Day Fortnight.
  • Paid Morning Tea Break.
  • Inclusion of Level 2 Adverse Working Conditions Allowance.

Parks and Sportsfields Council Agreement.

  • Seasonal RDO Arrangement, 34 RDO’s per annum.
  • 35hrs per week.
  • 9 Day Fortnight.
  • Paid Morning Tea Break
  • Inclusion of Level 2 Adverse Working Conditions Allowance

Resource Recovery Council Agreement. (Waste Services)

  • 35hrs per week
  • 9 Day Fortnight
  • Group Task Finish (Job and Finish)

These Agreements have been achieved by the USU working together with Council with a clear direction and intent. From CEO Michael Deegan, to working with the USU, Delegates and members have seen results that demonstrate what can be achieved in Local Government.

To quote CEO Michael Deegan, “This sets a benchmark and a challenge to other Councils throughout the state to match the same conditions … Although we have more to go this sets a precedent of what can be achieved”.