On 14 February 2022 your union attended NSW Industrial Relations Commission proceedings to ensure the consultation process for the proposed Art Gallery Restructure was compliant with the Enterprise Agreement.
It is disappointing we had to escalate to the IRC once again. However, our action has ensured council will uphold their commitments and obligations under the Enterprise Agreement. 

Council is now required to provide additional documents and information to the USU by the close of today 15 February. The consultation period has now been extended to ensure EA timeframes are being adhered to.

We will scrutinise these documents and continue to question why Council bosses would make mass redundancies and push to replace these loyal employees with “temporary employees”.

During IRC proceedings, we expressed concerns that Council was not prepared to genuinely consult with the USU and Council’s Consultive Committee. The USU firmly asserted Council bosses and their People and Culture representatives are treating the consultation process and Council’s Consultive Committee with contempt.

It is apparent the City of Newcastle bosses are hellbent on formulating their plans without regard to employee’s wellbeing, development, or scrutiny under the EA.

The USU will continue to update members on these matters and our positive actions to ensure YOUR rights are not brushed aside with a stroke of the boss’s pen!

We are stronger together. And we are always by your side!

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