In January 2019 the USU wrote to every NSW Council seeking support in adopting a Paid Domestic Leave Policy that allows workers who need it to access up to ten days paid domestic violence leave. The correspondence was sent to each General Manager as well as each Councillor.

The Mayor of Campbelltown City Council has not yet responded with his position on this matter.

The USU calls on the Mayor to step forward and show his public support for this important initiative. As he would know it takes both time and money for someone to leave a violent relationship. The ten days can be accessed to help with relocating to another home, attending medical and legal appointments and something as fundamental as making sure your children are settled into a new school.

Come on George, do the right thing! Stand up for those that need your help!

10 days paid domestic violence leave for staff at Campbelltown Council right now!

For further information contact your delegate or your organiser Sandie Morthen on 0410 761 326 or