With a new CEO comes new employment contracts that happen in some organisations but rarely does it occur to the extent of what employees at St Johns Ambulance now face.

✘ These new contracts will allow, without any consultation, the employer to change your duties, responsibilities functions and the list goes on;
✘ You could be relocated to any other work location without consultation;
✘ Your pay date could be changed,at the discretion of the employer, without consultation;
✘ The employer can introduce, vary, remove or replace policies without consultation, so without notice any “benefit” found in policies can be taken away.

There are extensive problems the Union sees with these proposed contracts, where the removal of basic employment rights and the introduction of unilateral management decisions are being proposed in these unacceptable contracts.

Please remember that there is no contract until a contract is signed.

If you have an existing contract, that existing contract has no end date, so it can “roll on” until an agreed contract is signed.

Employees do have employment rights.

Union members can have their Union assist them in ensuring their employment rights are protected.


Join us at the Mint Cafeteria between 12.30 and 1.30pm on the 8th February to find out more about your contract and how your Union can help.

For further information please contact Poni on 0459 060 804.