As you may be aware, we were notified last week of the outcome of your Agreement ballot.  It is noteworthy that no-one from TransGrid management contacted any of the unions to advise of the result, instead we were informed by our members.

In any case, of the 813 people who voted, 62% of you voted to reject the Agreement.

What happens now is that we go back to the negotiating table with TransGrid in an effort to secure a just outcome.  To that end, your union will be seeking that TransGrid remove from its “wish list” its desire for illegal, WorkChoices type individual contracts that strip people of their rights and conditions at work.

Be assured that you have not lost any rights or conditions by voting the Agreement down: your rights and conditions enjoyed under the 2013 Agreement will continue to apply until such time it is replaced.

On a final note, the combined unions took a special interest in your CEO’s comments that, “We will provide you with the opportunity to consider changing your employee bargaining representatives.”  Be advised that TransGrid, or any company for that matter, has NO SAY WHATSOEVER over whom represents you at the negotiating table.  As you are members of our union, we are your default representatives and we urge anyone to advise us immediately if the company attempts to interfere with your fundamental right to be represented by your union.

The USU has the widest scope for coverage in the power industry.  We represent anyone working in a clerical/administration role, non-electrical tradespeople out in the field, CSRs & ESOs, to name a few. 

If you or someone you know need to join our union, you can join online at

Members who refer others for membership will be eligible for a payment of $50 per member joined.  These payments are paid periodically throughout the year.

Troy Dunne, Sydney Transgrid Organiser, or 0419 403 076
Brian Cameron, Newcastle/Hunter Transgrid Organiser, or 0419 761 318