Last week was another busy week in Ausgrid for your union delegates and officials who have been participating in various sub-committees centred on Ausgrid’s proposed reforms.

As you may be aware, your union has been heavily involved in these sub-committees throughout the entire course of consultation, particularly in the areas of GIS, Asset Management, Contact Centre/Customer, Finance, Field Services and People & Safety/HR. Whilst consultation has ended with respect to future structures, consultation does and will continue with regard to implementation of these changes and the evaluation of jobs (we are now disputing the consultative process, but more on that in a bit…). With regards to the make up of future structures, your union delegates and officials have achieved great outcomes in bringing significant changes to several of the initial proposals and to those delegates and members who worked hard to put the proposals together, we thank you and congratulate you on achieving these outcomes.

In the area of GIS, the first meeting pertaining to the dispute took place on Wednesday, 27 June. Members of that sub-committee will be provided an opportunity to speak in more detail to their proposals; a time-frame of 4 weeks has been established for this to take place.

Breaking newsDISPUTE
As at late 29 June, the USU, along with other unions, has placed the entire reform process into dispute, thus invoking status quo and ensuring no changes are made until the dispute has been resolved to the satisfaction of the unions and Ausgrid. Given that this is a late development, we have not set down a date to meet the company as yet. We will keep our members informed as this dispute progresses.

The USU has the widest scope for coverage in the power industry. We represent anyone working in a clerical/administration role, non-electrical tradespeople out in the field, CSRs & ESOs, to name a few.

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