As members would be aware the USU is currently in dispute with Council about the composition of the JCC and spent today (24/8/16) in the NSW Industrial Relations Commission seeking an agreement to make sure you are properly represented on your JCC.

Today the General Manager sent all members an email outlining issues relating to your JCC. (see below)

Council’s current proposal for the make up of the JCC reduces your representation and we will NOT support any reps attending meetings under these circumstances which would give credibility to an UNFAIR, unrepresentative committee.

No agreement was reached today. The union has given Council until COB on Friday 26 August to come to an agreement on the matters in dispute otherwise formal arbitration will commence.

With a dispute in progress about the composition of the JCC the USU believes it is not appropriate to call a JCC meeting that has the potential to decide on outcomes relating to your employment, retraining, voluntary redundancies among other issues which seriously impact you.

This is one of the most important JCC meetings that will be held and the USU does not believe it should take place until USU members are appropriately represented.

As Ms Connolly is insisting on proceeding with the meeting we call on ALL members to attend – at her invitation.

The meeting will take place at 9.30 at the community rooms at Jubilee Oval – Level 2, Jubilee Community Rooms, Jubilee Ave, Carlton.

Have your say – IT’S ABOUT YOUR FUTURE!

The Chair of the JCC has scheduled another meeting for tomorrow, Thursday 25 August to discuss the proposed Management Structure and Workforce Transition Guidelines which cover redeployment, secondment opportunities, retraining and voluntary redundancy. Proposed salary ranges for managers is also listed on the agenda for discussion.

The USU has requested that the JCC meeting not proceed and has lodged another dispute in the Industrial Relations Commission late yesterday afternoon. The USU will not advise me of the outcomes of their election (their delegates) and has reportedly directed their new delegates not to attend the JCC meeting.

At this stage I am hoping that the JCC meeting will have a quorum and will proceed with its meeting. The Chair of the JCC has advised me that he will welcome any staff from those areas of the workforce that will not be represented by their USU workplace representatives (Mortdale Depot, Carlton Depot, Libraries and Customer Service) who wish to attend the meeting at the community rooms at Jubilee Oval – Level 2, Jubilee Community Rooms, Jubilee Ave, Carlton. If you wish to view the agenda and the related documents for tomorrow’s meeting, please go to the ‘JCC’ tile under Human Resources on the intranet or click on this link

Rest assured I will keep you all up-to-date as this matter progresses and I look forward to the JCC members being able to discuss and consult on the management structure as soon as possible.

If you have any questions on what this will mean for you, please do not hesitate to ask.

Gail Connolly
General Manager