Council bosses looking to implement a “Wage Freeze” and slash workers’ conditions.

Central Coast Council has commenced proceedings in the New South Wales Industrial Relations Commission to attack workers and implement a wage freeze and slash workers’ conditions through a redeployment process.

The USU is alarmed by Council’s recent proposals to introduce new “Redeployment Guidelines”. These guidelines would apply to any employee who, through the amalgamation process, is not laterally or directly transferred to their current role / duties and they would be potentially exposed to the following:

  • Placed on a wage freeze with no annual Award increases applicable and current pay packet slashed after 2019!
  • Removal of current conditions of employment as protected by the Local Government Act.
  • Potentially have their employment terminated if employees do not accept an alternative role in the organisation against their agreement!

In addition to this outrageous proposal from Council bosses, the USU is of the view that Council is also trying to circumvent its obligations under the Local Government Award.

The Union is aware the CEO likes to send out lots of “all staff” emails, but what USU members need is the true detail of the proposed changes. Your USU representatives have sought on numerous occasions to resolve these issues on the proposed guidelines, but Council bosses are seemingly not willing to listen and just trying to ram these guidelines into effect.

The USU believes it is outrageous for Council bosses to implement such retrograde guidelines which, as it stands, will punish any worker who wants to remain employed at Central Coast Council.

USU Membership Actions:

  1. If any “new” organisational structure in your area is released and your current role is not attached, contact your local USU Delegate immediately.
  2. Do not accept any redeployment under these guidelines or otherwise until further advised.
  3. Members should be vigilant in regard to anything put to them requiring their agreement, or signature, to ensure they are not agreeing to anything that can alter their existing conditions to their detriment. 
  4. USU members should remember your current conditions are indefinitely protected by the Local Government Act, therefore not consenting or providing any agreement to any change will ensure your conditions remain unaffected.
  5. Ask your Council boss, “Why are you attacking vulnerable workers”? Continual and sustained united actions from all USU members will ensure Council bosses get the message of this appalling behaviour and shameless guidelines.

Not yet a current member of the USU? Concerned about your future status and want to ensure you are protected?

Action required:

How do I become a member of a united collective who will fight for and protect your entitlements?

Visit or contact your local USU Delegate or USU Organiser/s Luke Hutchinson (South) on 0419 761 323 / or Paul Sansom (North) 0409 076 633 to join today!