USU CALLS “STOP WORK” MEETING TO DISCUSS – 12 NOON No 1 Sportsground – 3/10/19

The recent outcomes of several “Service Unit” review processes have dramatically impacted many USU members. To make matters worse, Council has now effectively thrown out long term members from their workplace without any support under the guise of the “new redeployment program”. On their first opportunity, the USU believes Council has walked away from its commitments, obligations and integrity under the Enterprise Agreement resolved in late 2018.

With new Service Unit plans on the horizon, the USU is very concerned that this is not the only area currently being targeted. What is also abundantly clear is the “target” is firmly on all current Newcastle City Council employees, further details of the recent developments are as follows:

  • FAILED REDEPLOYMENT PROCESS – Several long term members impacted by the recent IT Restructure have been treated appallingly. As of Monday, 30/9/19 three members will be directed to “stay at home” – with two already going through the embarrassing ordeal of not being welcome in their workplace. Their “case manager” – from an external firm will contact them sometime? No structure, timeframes, engagement or plans have been resolved as per the Enterprise Agreement.
  • NO INTENT OR RESPECT – Despite USU efforts to meet with the HR Boss – Director of People & Culture to resolve these matters (correspondence, emails and verbal) – Council’s response is “Council does not intend to engage with any further meetings on these matters with these members”
  • FLAWED AND TARGETED PROCESSES – It is the view of the USU that Council has also been deliberately conspiring not to offer any positions to some impacted IT members either through a merit based process or as a redeployment opportunity. A chain of emails was shared with the USU which outlines these bosses’ shameful intentions – these emails and “hatched” plan included the HR Boss, HR Officer and IT Boss!
  • USU LODGES MATTERS BEFORE THE NSW IRC – The Union has now lodged four (4) matters before the NSW IRC in an effort to resolve these and other situations, however, Council has not bothered to engage and is happy for USU members to be continually persecuted with no end in SIGHT!!!

We see these developments as an unprovoked attack – targeting ALL hard working employees of Newcastle City Council, which is clearly OUTRAGEOUS.

Action Required:

All members are invited to Unite and attend a USU stop work meeting at 12.00pm Noon on Thursday 3rd October 2019 at No: 1 Sportsground to discuss these disgraceful developments. It’s time Newcastle Council understands: HANDS OFF OUR JOBS AND COMPLY WITH THE EA!

The Union Services Union, your Union will protect your jobs and ensure that Newcastle Council is held accountable to the EA. We will also be asking the membership do you have confidence in HR AND THE CEO?

Not yet a member? Concerned about YOUR job being the next target? Contact your local USU Delegate or USU Organiser on 0419 761 323 / to join today!