General Secretary Graeme Kelly OAM

Graeme Kelly OAM
General Secretary

We’re celebrating a huge win for USU members in Local Government.
The Federal Government has heard the calls from USU members for action and today they have announced a Senate Inquiry into sustainable local government jobs, services and funding.
USU members like you, are the backbone of critical services in local communities across the country. From being first responders in natural disasters to supporting families in community centres and maintaining essential public infrastructure, your roles are crucial.
Local Governments across the country are facing extreme financial pressures and underfunding which is resulting in outsourcing, reduced services, and an overall erosion in the quality of local jobs and services.
The announcement of this Senate Inquiry is an acknowledgement these issues have to be addressed and is a step forward in building fair and sustainable jobs and services for our communities.  
Your voice matters and your involvement in this process will be crucial. Together, we’ll ensure that this Inquiry leads to meaningful improvements and better support for our vital Local Government services.
We’re going to keep up the momentum and make the most of this opportunity.
The USU is by your side for quality services, secure jobs, and proper investment in local government.

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