Industry Union Officials attended a meeting with Essential Energy to seek some clarity on the impacts of yesterday’s decision regarding the proposed job cuts.

Unfortunately Essential Energy has not been able to obtain clarity from State Government on a number of outstanding issues particularly regarding affected employees who have elected to take redundancy.

What we do know is as follows;

  • The employees who have been identified in the 182 proposed reductions including the recent additions of Systems Operations and Asset Management have the ability to retain their substantive positions.
  • No one will be required to exit the organisation as a result of yesterday’s decision
  • There will not be any merit based selections taking place and no management assessments taking place as a result of yesterday’s decision.
  • With regards to the consultation process, managers will continue to provide feedback where they can as information comes to hand.
  • Employees who have provided consultation feedback, this feedback has been tracked and those employees should receive a response to this only in relation to the cost saving measures in which it will be look at not in regards to redundancy.
  • For employees who have been off work as a result of the process, Essential Energy has determined that they do have a substantive role to come back to. Employees in returning to work will be assessed in accordance with their medical requirements and the process in accordance with the Health and Wellbeing Team to determine what support (if required) can be given to the employee to assist in their return to work.
  • Essential Energy has reported that they have started communications with State Government and as information comes to hand they will be communicating with staff as soon as possible.
  • With regards to employees who had chosen not to contest their redundancy or were in multiple groups who had elected and were approved for redundancy, Essential Energy has asked that they direct their inquiries in writing to HR Services so that HR Services can respond to their questions accordingly. Essential Energy at this stage has not been given a direction from State Government on how this can proceed but is working to seek clarity on this as soon as it can be provided.

We understand for some people this is an uncertain time and we will continue to provide feedback to you all as soon as it comes to hand.

For others this information can also provide some certainty that they have a position at Essential Energy.

Your USU Official Melissa Pond will be in Port Macquarie on Tuesday 27th August 2019 and is happy to meet to answer any questions from members.