The United Services Union, your Union, warns members about Council’s attack on the hard working members of Central Coast Council. Under the guise of reported financial difficulties, the USU can reveal Council bosses are planning several attacks on USU members.

FAILED CONSULTATION PROCESS – The USU believes that Council has walked away from its commitments, obligations and integrity under the Award and genuine consultation processes. Council has continually failed to provide any “real” information to your Union representatives on these reported financial difficulties for many months.

VULNERABLE WORKERS – LEFT OUT IN THE COLD – It is clear to the Union, Council bosses are failing to acknowledge the plight of hundreds of vulnerable and precarious workers. If you are fixed term, casual, temporary or non-permanent workers engaged on a regular and systemic basis, contact your USU representative to find out more.

ATTACK ON LEAVE ENTITLEMENTS – Don’t be fooled by the narrative that Council bosses are seeking “to manage excess leave better”. This just mean Council bosses are now targeting your long term entitlements in an attempt to balance the books. Despite countless efforts by your Union representatives to understand the financial situation and options, Council bosses have now cancelled any further discussions or consultation on these matters. Council is now seeking to meet with you individually and attack any long term leave balances such as annual or long service leave.

NO INTENT OR RESPECT – Despite USU efforts to meet with Council bosses and actually resolve some agreed “guidelines” that involve working in a transparent manner, the Council boss response is “will not be the subject of any further discussion and the provisions outlined in the Award will simply be applied”.

FLAWED AND TARGETED PROCESSES – It is the view of the USU, Council bosses will simply look to individualise any member and demand – TIME’S UP! You are directed to take your leave and here’s 4 weeks notice – without your agreement!
Council bosses have also directly targeted your Union representative in an attempt to silence and erode your Union representation.

USU LODGES MATTER BEFORE THE NSW IRC – The Union has lodged a dispute before the NSW IRC in an effort to resolve the lack of transparent information regarding the “Unified Salary System” process. Council is no longer engaged with these proceedings but is happy for USU members to be continually individualised with no end in SIGHT!

These developments are an unprovoked attack targeting ALL hard working employees of Council in the midst of a global pandemic, which is clearly outrageous.

Action Required: All members are invited to Unite and if you are summoned to attend a meeting with your Boss on any industrial matter – DO NOT ATTEND until your USU representative is with you to ensure your Award rights are upheld.

It’s time all Central Coast Council bosses understand: RESPECT OUR RIGHTS AND OUR UNION

The Union Services Union, your Union will ensure Central Council bosses are held accountable to the Award! Remember we are by your side and we are stronger together!

Once the COVID19 restrictions ease, please be aware the USU will again be holding USU mass member meetings and we will also be asking the membership, do you have confidence in the CEO and its bosses?

Not yet a member? Concerned about being next the target? Contact your local USU Delegate or USU Organiser on 0419 761 323 / to join today!