The USU was pleased with the initial hearing on these matters, held Friday 3rd December.

It was broadly recommended by the Commission that the parties of the dispute – the Unions and Council, need to have further discussions.

Observations of the USU were made that Council needs to consider their positions on these matters.

With recent completion of the Local Government election, USU members undoubtedly expect a resolution of the Salary System in the life of the current Enterprise Agreement.

The USU has implored Council to uphold its commitment, and its obligation, under the Enterprise Agreement.

A further report in the NSW IRC is scheduled for Tuesday, 14th December.

This dispute demonstrates a clear intention by the USU to challenge any, and all failures of the Council to uphold their commitment to the Enterprise Agreement.

In-person Outdoor Mass Meeting – Rescheduling

The inevitable, COVID related re-scheduling of in person USU members meetings has been frustrating to all involved. With the revised Public Health Orders taking effect, the USU has sought a full USU membership meeting on Wednesday 15th December.

The USU will confirm this in the coming days.

We are stronger together. And we are always by your side!

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