Waste Services workers at the City of Sydney walked off the job Wednesday morning 13 November 2019, in response to management’s refusal to answer direct questions in relation to the City contracting out of Garbage Services.

This industrial action was supported by Cleansing and Waste members at the Alexandria Canal, Ultimo and Woolloomooloo Depots.

In response the City has used Casuals, Agency Staff and Contractors whilst our members were on strike over the future of their jobs.

Members and the Union condemn the actions of the City’s CEO Monica Barone, Directors, Senior Management and Human Resources Staff, who supported the use of strike breakers to collect domestic waste and other waste while Union members were taking legitimate strike action to protect their jobs from privatisation.

Today Thursday 14 November 2019, the Union has meet with our Waste Services and Cleansing and

Waste members to provide an update into the Industrial Relations hearing yesterday.

At the meeting the members put forward and endorsed the following motions to the Union.

Motion 1.
Vote of no confidence in CEO, Monica Barone.

Motion 2.

Vote of no confidence in the City’s Human Resources team.

Motion 3.

Vote of no confidence condemning the actions of management and the CEO using Cleanaway and Casual Labour Hire as strike breakers whilst Industrial Action was being undertaken.

Motion 4.

A meeting of all USU Delegates at the City be arranged.

Motion 5.

The matter be relisted in the Industrial Relation Commission for the use of strike breakers whilst Industrial Action was being undertaken.

Motion 6.

A return to work today.

Motion 7.

The issue of casualisation of the workplace has created an unsafe work environment that needs to be addressed.

The Union urges all of our members to attend the next Council Meeting on the 18 November, 5.00pm, at Town Hall, to show support for our Waste Services members in the privatisation of services at the City of Sydney. This is an issue that could affect us all.