This is the second member update in our series on the negotiations for the Local Government (State) Award 2023.

Local Government NSW, on behalf of your Council, wants to get rid of the 35-hour working week.

Item 10 on the Employer’s Log of Claims for the new Award says:

“Harmonise the weekly number of ordinary hours of work for all employees, such as by amending the clause to provide that ordinary hours of work for all employees is 38 hours per week…”

Currently nearly all “indoor” workers in Local Government work a 35 hour week. It is one of key conditions that attract people to local government, and workers have designed their lives around these hours.

The Employers want to increase those hours without any mention of more pay!

At a time when Councils are struggling to attract and retain staff, and vacancy rates at Councils are at all time highs, it makes absolutely no sense to attack a key working condition that attracts people to local government.

Instead of trying to create a modern workplace and bring all workers together onto a 35-hour week, Local Government NSW wants to take the industry backwards!

Join the USU today if you want to:

  • protect working conditions in local government
  • protect the 35-hour working week

The USU conducts around 350 mass meetings of MEMBERS ONLY across NSW to vote on the new NSW Local Government State Award.