Everything you need to know about this huge win!

On Monday, Apple suddenly broken off negotiations and told us it was asking employees to vote on a proposed NEA 2022 in an employee ballot. USU/ASU members took immediate action, coming together in their hundreds to tell Apple they wouldn’t accept a substandard EA.

What happened?
Apple wanted to rush through an enterprise agreement ballot before negotiations were finished. We took them to the Commission to back in the collective decision of USU/ASU members to oppose Apple’s unfair and unfinished NEA. We told the Commission that Apple wasn’t negotiating in good faith and asked for orders stopping the ballot.

What did we win?
In the Commission, Apple backed down and agreed to stop the ballot. We’ve won 21 days to keep negotiating for fair pay and conditions (until 11 October).  

We’ll be meeting twice a week at times agreed between the company and the USU/ASU. Apple will provide us with a detailed response to our log of claims on 23 September 2022.

What if we need to go to the Commission Again?
At the same time, our application for Good Faith Bargaining Orders will proceed to arbitration. During the next 21 days the USU/ASU will file its submissions and evidence in support of our application. The matter will go to a hearing on 10 October.

What happens next?
The USU/ASU will keep negotiating for a fair agreement that reflects our members priorities and building a strong, member-led union at Apple. If Apple won’t agree to our fair and reasonable claims, we’ll talk to members about the best strategy to hold them accountable.

Together, we can ensure that we can stop Apple’s sub-standard agreement. By acting together as union members, we are in the very best position to protect our rights at work and to achieve better in our working lives. Join here: www.usu.org.au/join

If you have any questions please contact USU Organiser Thomas Gao on 0417 420 924  or tgao@usu.org.au