Yesterday USU members went on strike over ongoing frustrations with Council Management.

Members in City Assets and Operations held a stop work meeting yesterday over ongoing lack of action and response by City of Parramatta Council management to members’ reasonable concerns.

Members voted overwhelmingly to strike until Council listens to their concerns and takes them seriously.

The motion to strike was over these important issues:

  • Lack of reasonable action on concerns raised in the previous ‘vote of no confidence’ against Management
  • Ongoing and extensive vacancies
  • Changes to position descriptions
  • Unreasonable Secondments
  • Lack of transparency with regard to redesign and restructure.
  • 100 day plans for continuing workplace change, and unreasonable timeframes for restructuring.
  • Unresolved and continuing bullying and harassment in the workplace.
  • Removing outdoor/ operational roles to create more indoor/ admin roles while workloads increase.

As a result your Union leaders met with Council representatives to raise these issues and push for timeframes for actions on them.

Outcomes achieved as a direct result of member action:

  • Vacancies reviewed and updates by the 1st of March 2023 – Group Manager to supply to the USU a list of current jobs in recruitment by COB 21-2-23.
  • For the 100 action day plans- Council to put 30, 60 and 90 day timeframes/ deadlines on graphics around ROC.
  • USU and People and Culture to meet urgently on position description concerns – meeting scheduled for the 28-2-23.
  • USU and People and Culture to discuss role grading concerns at above meeting.
  • All parties noted the breakdowns in the secondments process is being disputed in the Industrial Relations Commission, actions on this will come from the IRC.
  • ‘MyCareer’ training review to be conducted by supervisors within 2 weeks – ensuring all members have developmental training plans and any outstanding actions.
  • Council to provide the ‘Complete Urban Consultants Report’ highlights and recommendations to the Union and members as part of the pre-proposal stage for restructures. This will explain Council’s rationale for proposing any changes.
  • City Assets and Operations Director to provide the costings for the Waste and Cleansing Department restructure proposal. This will be provided as part of the consultation process to ensure no inappropriate use of contractors or unfairness to members.
  • The parties of the meeting will meet in 2 weeks to discuss progress and update members.

After confirming the above important actions members passed a motion to return to work today.

The Union and our members are closely following Council’s actioning of these items.

How can you support your co-workers?
When you see your fellow operational members out in the field working, give them your support and show solidarity. You can also become active in your work area, and help your Union in advocating for change and improvement in your working conditions. Contact your workplace delegate or your Council Organiser Zoe via to become more active.