Council members demand answers following GM’s inflammatory comments.

Following the publication of this article in the Barrier Daily Truth on Monday, USU members at Broken Hill Council are demanding immediate action.

Despite assurances from the General Manager that his words were taken out of context, a mass meeting of all Council members held today with USU Industrial Officer Stuart Geddes and Organiser Brian Harrington, unanimously passed the following motion:

“The General Manager to put out a public media release to clarify his statements in the council business papers and in the Barrier Daily Truth regarding both the waste services staff and the 10-12 staff that have left for performance reasons and that he defend his employees in the public eye from the perception that has arisen.”

“Our members are understandably shocked and angry at the implications included in this article that have been made worse by the General Manager’s comments and insinuations,” said Stuart Geddes.

“Our members have sought immediate clarification from the GM and demand a public statement of support be made.”

“This is a very serious matter and has the potential to cause a great deal of stress to our members. The GM has a responsibility to our members’ health and safety as well as to their professional integrity.”