An important update for members at Ausgrid.

Continuous Afternoon Work (‘CAW’)
We are aware that many of our members in Field Services have been directed to afternoon shift & to change their RDOs, against their preferences, effective from next month. The USU’s position is that such changes are subject to consultation. The combined unions are providing a list of affected employees to the business this week (beginning 30 Sept.) for the purposes of resolving the matter/s at the top level. If you are adversely affected by these changes, please email Troy Dunne at or call on 0419 403 076. We will keep members advised as to the outcomes.

Part time AVR
We have been advised by many members of Ausgrid’s interpretation of the Additional Voluntary Redundancy (‘AVR’) provisions of the Agreement as they pertain to members who have worked part-time in their Ausgrid tenure, or are currently working part-time.

Please be advised that this matter has been placed in dispute by the combined unions. If, however, you are currently in the position of having to accept an AVR or not and you have worked or are working part time, please contact Troy Dunne (Metro Sydney) on, or if you are Hunter based, please contact Paul Sansom on or 0409 076 633.

Your union has come to be very concerned at aspects of the restructure as it relates to Plus ES. Whilst Plus ES is a separate entity, Ausgrid retains decision making capabilities over the type of work Plus ES undertakes and how many Ausgrid employees it directs towards it under the labour arrangement. It would appear, however, that Ausgrid is using Plus ES’s status as a separate entity to undermine secure employment within Plus ES and Ausgrid itself. To that end, the business has failed to consult with the combined unions when it comes to such things as contract/labour hire arrangements in Plus ES at the same time that Ausgrid looks to cut the jobs Ausgrid employees performing work in Plus ES under the labour services arrangement. The combined unions are currently pressuring Ausgrid to apply the consultative provisions of the Agreement to Plus ES in the same way they must apply them to Ausgrid.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact your organisers: Troy Dunne on 0419 403 076 or or Paul Sansom on 0409 076 633 or