Your USU/ASU representative have been holding ongoing discussions with management around rosters and staffing allocations, especially with the upturn of flights over coming weeks. We have been contacted by members about a number of concerns with the current roster, including the inconsistent allocation of hours.

We are happy to report that management have committed to some overarching principles for rostering moving into 2021 (and RP1).

From now, there will be no cap on shift swaps and shift giveaways (so long as it doesn’t attract OT)

From RP1 onwards (short of a significant border shut down or wave of COVID-19):

  • FT team members will be rostered a minimum of 25 hours per week
  • PT team members will be roster a minimum of 20 hours per week
  • We will be working with the company to reinstate Jobshare and FWAs in accordance with your arrangements. If you are on an expired arrangement you may be asked in the new year to re-apply in accordance with the normal process. Where any team member’s arrangement cannot be fully accommodated, your team leader will work with you to establish a suitable alternative.
  • Establish a plan to return FT team members to full time hours by the end of RP4, with incremental increases as the schedule allows. Commitment to consult with the USU/ASU at the end of each RP to review availability of hours and increase where possible.

This is a significant step as we return to more consistent flying.

There is plenty more to work through and as the aviation sector continues to strengthen, we are committed to working with our members and Virgin to establish fair and transparent roster practices.

Your USU/ASU national representatives have reached an in-principle agreement for the new USU/ASU Virgin EBA 2020, and recommend members vote YES. To see the full details head to:

We will continue to update members as these discussions progress.

If you have any questions about this email or require any assistance at work, please contact your organiser Thomas Russell on 0419 761 320 or via email at