On 3 December, USU/ASU representatives met with Qantas management to discuss the proposed restructure of Airports. Qantas continues to say skilled customer service professionals at Airports and Lounges will be made redundant, but it can’t answer basic questions about the new ‘innovations’ they say will replace them. Qantas struggled to answer basic questions about how the new technology will work. According to Qantas management, that’s for local working groups to sort out!

Qantas has proposed to convene local working groups to discuss port specific issues arising from the restructure. They say they want to hold elections to the working groups next week, but they cannot give us detailed answers about how the elections will be conducted, when the groups would meet, and what the agenda for the meetings would be.

Even though they can’t give us these basic answers, they expect the working groups to report back in the first week of January.

This isn’t fair. This isn’t reasonable. It’s not genuine consultation.

For some Qantas employees, Christmas will be the busiest period of the year. For others, it will be a time to focus on family, or have a well-earned rest. No Qantas employee should have to worry about the details of a half-baked scheme to restructure their work.

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