Time to voteAfter approximately three months of negotiations between USU representatives and AHM Medibank, your employer has decided that it is time to put their enterprise agreement (EA) offer to a vote. The ballot opens 20 November and will close on Monday, 25 November. Management has assured us that your vote will be strictly anonymous.

It is important that you have your say – the proposed EA will only become operational if a majority vote to accept it. You are strongly encouraged to read the proposed EA and speak with your colleagues about the offer.

To assist you in making your decision, here is the USU summary of the key issues to consider.

Key reasons why you might VOTE NO

  1. Medibank rejected the USU claim for a pay increase to 3.5% for those with a PFS Score of Achieving. Performance based pay proposal (including 2.25% for ‘Achieving’ rating is a reduction on the current EA rate of 2.5% and is too low).
  2. Medibank refused the USU claim for an EA with a 3 year duration. Four (4) years is too long to have a decreased percentage increase and raises economic uncertainty.
  3. A 3% salary band increase in year 1, and 1% salary band increase in years 2-4 is too little too late. By year 2 or 3 of the proposed EA many staff will simply be stuck at the top of the classification range again. This will mean more bonus payments in lieu of substantive pay increases.
  4. No guaranteed pay increases.
  5. Medibank refused the USU’s claim for a loyalty clause to be inserted allowing the paying out percentage of unused personal leave at termination
  6. Medibank refused to protect the 0.5% gap above compulsory employer contributions currently received by long serving AHM employees. This will be absorbed into the forecasted government increases in July 2020, disadvantaging affected AHM employees moving forward.
  7. Medibank rejected the Union’s claim for improved overtime arrangements for part time employees.
  8. Send Medibank a message you will not be forced to vote yes by a threat of not having your already earned performance pay increases back dated

Key reasons why you might vote YES (gains through negotiations)

  1. Insertion of a workplace flexibility clause in to the EA for all AHM staff
  2. Insertion into the EA to enshrine the uncapped paid family and domestic violence leave
  3. 1 paid good health day for permanent and fixed term employees
  4. Increase to 2 paid days training for employee representatives
  5. 1 day paid NAIDOC Leave for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees
  6. Performance based pay increases would be backdated to 14 October 2019

Membership matters
Ultimately, our ability to get a good deal depends on our strength. The more members we have, the more we can achieve. If you’re not yet a member, join the USU today. If you’re already a member, talk to a non-member colleague about joining to support our campaign.