The final USU/ASU Log of Claims is outlined below and can be downloaded here:

Your USU/ASU Bargaining Representatives endorsed the following log of claims for the Maurice Blackburn Employees’ Agreement 2019:

Pay and Super

  1. 5% annual pay increases
  2. Increase employer superannuation contribution to 12%
  3. Employer super contributions to be maintained during paid and UNPAID parental leave
  4. A fair and transparent system for the allocation of bonuses
  5. Same pay rates and conditions for all employees in comparable positions (including gender pay parity), including the inclusion of pay bands in the EBA
  6. Preference for a 3 year agreement unless otherwise agreed

Work/Life Balance and Access to Leave

  1. A fair system for working flex-time, time off in lieu, a regular rostered day off, and clauses relating for the right to work at home
  2. Increased parental leave
  3. Christmas shutdown paid leave available to ALL employees
  4. Fairer access to annual leave and long service leave
  5. Revised study leave provisions which promote a fairer and more transparent access to leave especially for those studying for their law degree
  6. Alternative Australia Day leave arrangements so staff are able to elect to take the Australia Day public holiday on 26 January, or an alternative date, for those staff who recognise the issues this date causes for Indigenous Australians
  7. Increased leave entitlements – an increase in the number of annual leave and/or health and wellbeing days

Fair conditions

  1. Maintain or improve current EBA conditions
  2. Provisions to assist parents to return to work after parental leave
  3. Consistent gym membership policy for all employees
  4. Improve access to car parking for employees
  5. Improve lunchroom facilities, and facilities in general
  6. A fairer and more transparent system for trainee lawyers/graduates, including guaranteed transition to 1st Year Lawyer upon admission to practice
  7. A fairer and more uniform system for hours worked within and between offices
  8. Redundancy

a. Increased redundancy pay benefits

b. A comprehensive, consultative and transparent redundancy process with a focus on mitigation and alternate options

  1. Increased long service leave entitlements e.g. 13 weeks paid leave at 10 years’ service
  2. Improved role/pay classification schedule to the agreement, including:

a. Steps to progress and finalise the classification structure review as per clause 58 of the EBA

b. Expansion of the “Minimum Salaries” tables in the EBA to include clear salary and career progression for shared services staff, legal assistants and paralegals

  1. A requirement to hire paralegals on ongoing permanent contracts
  2. Such other claims that may arise during bargaining

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