Your USU/ASU delegates have kicked off negotiations over your new Enterprise Agreement. During our first meeting, we dealt with administrative matters such as the frequency of meetings, location, etc. and presented the USU/ASU’s Log of Claims. Our Log of Claims includes all the important issues to you – pay, rostering, parental leave and more.

Jetstar has not yet provided the USU/ASU with any issues they want to address during bargaining. We expect to hear more from the Airline at our next meeting on 21 June, where they will be providing a financial briefing to the USU/ASU.

Enterprise bargaining is a unique time in our legal system when workers can show great unity and stand together in a campaign to improve the working conditions. It is important to keep in touch with your delegates during this time. Your delegates are:

  1. Denise Taylor Adelaide
  2. Laura Walker Avalon
  3. Adam Thompson Cairns
  4. Amanda Bowles Coolangatta
  5. Leithan Goodridge Coolangatta
  6. Nicholas Richardson JOCC/ Head Office
  7. Cheryl Madden Melbourne
  8. Joanne Barton Melbourne
  9. Kate Weaver Melbourne
  10. Bruce Rogers Sydney
  11. Darien Cincotta Sydney

Pass this bulletin to your colleagues who aren’t in the union. They can join at

For support with any workplace issues, please contact your ASU Branch:

USU/ASU Organisers:





Neil Henderson

07) 3844 5300

QLD Together

Allison Finley-Bissett

1800 177 244


Thomas Russell

0419 761 320


Victor Jose

0425 753 756


Lesley Till

0497 555 875