Qantas bulletin

Your USU/ASU delegates met with airport management to discuss important issues. Qantas still believes there is flight instability which means they will not provide better roster stability and proper notice. Members have constantly provided feedback that the airline must return to a master roster so you can plan your life. Disappointingly, Qantas has not agreed to reinstate a master roster; however, we have secured improvements:


Recently, the USU/ASU and Qantas agreed on local roster forums to address rostering issues. Qantas provides roster shells to our delegates. Roster shells do not include specific working times but do include working patterns. Unfortunately, local management has not allowed USU/ASU delegates to share roster information with the membership. Qantas management has now agreed that the roster shell can be shared with members. While the pattern may change, the information will help you be able to plan your life. Speak with your USU/ASU delegate about viewing the roster shell.

Days in Lieu

Currently, for Airports Qantas approves Days in Lieu at minus 4. Your delegates advocated that minus 4 is completely unacceptable and that it does not allow members any time to make medical or personal appointments. Qantas will note assess DILs at minus 6; this is a small but welcome improvement. We will continue to advocate on this issue.

Digital Airport Services (DAS) restructure

With every day that passes, it becomes more apparent that the DAS project was doomed because it fundamentally failed to recognise the pivotal role front line staff play in the airlines’ operations. Qantas has confirmed that the DAS restructure is now a permanent process of reviewing IT functions. For the sake of a couple of redundancies on the balance sheet, these ill-considered changes have done nothing but to lose highly skilled and experienced staff, cause passenger frustration throughout the Twitter-sphere, and create undue stress and pressure for the remaining airport and contact centre staff. From day one, they thought an app could do your job … perhaps the next app update is impressive, or maybe they got it wrong all along. We’ve always known which is the answer.

Vacancies, appointments and conversions

Your delegates had a robust discussion about how Qantas fills roles. While the issue is not resolved, the airline will be providing the USU/ASU with an update on vacant positions and confirming its current process. We will review the information and continue to agitate on the issue.

If you or your colleagues aren’t already members of the USU/ASU, we encourage you to join your union today If you require any support or additional information please contact your local USU/ASU delegates, OHS Representatives or USU/ASU organiser at:





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