We’ve called on Jetstar to adopt a set of measures to fix front of house (FOH) rostering and make it fair!



USU/ASU delegates and organisers met with Jetstar on Friday 6 and Tuesday, 10 November to hear their response to measures.

At the last meeting on Tuesday, Jetstar responded to our concerns about recalling FOH workers by December. We are still discussing all the details but Jetstar have said it may be possible to approve some waitlisted Annual Leave and Special Leave Without Pay (SLWOP) requests beyond November 2020.

Jetstar rostering proposals

To fix rostering issues like getting shifts swaps approved as soon as possible and declining changes to roster patterns, Jetstar has said that they can guarantee a ADM will be rostered at almost every port 7 days’ a week – this is very important because staff have said trying to work out who to talk to when management has been stood down has been very frustrating.

So that staff can continue to engage in secondary employment to make ends meet, Jetstar has said they will roster minimum weekly hours (except if the airport cannot currently fly 7 days’ a week) and consider an EOI process to establish who to recall from SLWOP – the USU/ASU has also sent a draft EOI proposal to Jetstar.

But Jetstar still doesn’t know when rosters can be issued with more notice! We don’t believe it has to be this difficult and have asked Jetstar to get serious about issuing rosters as early as possible.

Jetstar have also said they may need to consider some extraordinary measures to meet some estimated staffing shortfalls for the December rosters. These measures could mean significant changes to how and where you would usually do your job, as well as who does your job. The USU/ASU has not agreed to any changes and will keep you updated on our discussions.

We expect to meet with Jetstar again on Thursday 19 November 2020 to hear more.

Still time to sign our petition!

You’ve told us what you want from rostering and we need you to show Jetstar how much it means to you by signing our petition.



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