It’s a disgrace, just before Christmas. Imagine telling your family that you have been made redundant, just before Christmas.

That is the reality for many Essential Energy employees in regional and rural New South Wales. The NSW State Government owned Essential Energy has commenced employee cuts that will total over 1600 employees by mid-2019. With council mergers, increased outsourcing and attacks on full-time jobs, we ask – who will be next?

SIGN OUR PETITION TODAY. We all know people living in Country New South Wales struggle at the best of times, with the Liberal/National Party cutting funding for Hospitals, Schools, and Roads along with carrying out forced amalgamations of local Councils.


To add to the struggles in regional NSW, the Nationals and Liberal Parties are standing by doing nothing to SAVE REGIONAL JOBS, where the Government Owned electricity provider Essential Energy will set out to slash its workforce by some 1600 regional jobs by mid-2019.

What can the National Party do: stand up to the Liberal party, and fight for regional NSW and save regional jobs and stop their own Government organisation from slashing regional jobs.


Send a strong message to John Barilaro to protect jobs!

“I am deeply concerned about job losses in regional New South Wales, particularly those job losses that may occur when Essential Energy start to slash good, secure well-paying jobs at Essential Energy. If Essential Energy is allowed to slash these regional jobs it will cause huge problems for local communities across regional NSW. You have the ability to step in and stop your own Government Organisation from devastating large and small regional communities by these job losses.

In your pre-election press release you declared ‘I will always lead the charge in protecting local electricity jobs.’

I am asking you to not stand by and allow these massive job losses to occur, I am asking you to take whatever action you can and must do to protect regional communities and these jobs.

As a voter, I along with other concerned individuals will be watching very closely what you do to save these jobs at Essential Energy.”