Central Coast Council bosses looking to implement a “wage Freeze” and slash workers’ conditions.

Following Central Coast Council’s initiation, proceedings in the New South Wales Industrial Relations Commission were held on Monday 6th March 2017. Council’s perceivable intentions had been to implement guidelines which would implement a wage freeze and slash workers conditions through a redeployment process.

Discussions on all relevant areas were held before the Commission with the matters unresolved and scheduled for further conciliation proceedings on Monday 20th March 2017. USU Delegates Stuart Slough, Larry Freeman, Shane Evans and Erwin Van Eerden were also present at the NSW IRC to represent and articulate the views of all USU Central Coast members in conjunction with several USU Officials.

Until these further proceedings are held, the matters remain unresolved with no agreement and no guidelines are to be implemented.

Until our next update, please be advised the following:

USU Membership Actions:
1.    If any “new” organisational structure in your area is released and your current role is not attached, contact your local USU Delegate immediately.
2.    Do not accept any redeployment until further advised.
3.    Members should be vigilant in regard to anything put to them requiring their agreement, or signature, to ensure they are not agreeing to anything that can alter their existing conditions to their detriment’.  
4.    USU Members should remember your current conditions are indefinitely protected by the Local Government Act, therefore not consenting or providing any agreement to any change will ensure your conditions remain unaffected.
5.    Ask your Council boss, “Why are you attacking vulnerable workers”? Continual and sustained united actions from all USU members will ensure Council bosses get the message of this appalling behaviour and shameless guidelines.

Not yet a current member of the USU? Concerned about your future status and want to ensure you are protected?

Action required:
How do I become a member of a united collective who will fight for and protect your entitlements? Join online or contact your local USU Delegate or USU Organiser/s Luke Hutchinson (South) on 0419 761 323 / lhutchinson@usu.org.au or Paul Sansom (North) 0409 076 633 psansom@usu.org.au to join today!