We are happy to report that following approval of the 2018 Enterprise Agreement, NRMA have commenced with readying us for the Consultation Committee (CCM).

NRMA has proposed the first CCM be held on Tuesday 10 September from 11am to 1pm in the Sydney Olympic Park Office.

The timing of the CCM will enable NRMA and the USU to:

  1. elect our representatives
  2. issue the briefing note (agenda item) document and have all the parties to complete and return 5 days prior so NRMA can get the agenda out
  3. Based on an early Sept CCM, NRMA proposes to then have an early Dec, Mar and Jun meetings in 2019/20 in alternate sites

In the lead up to the Enterprise Agreement negotiation commencing, members were asked to complete a survey indicating what was in important to you during the EA negotiation process, as well as to indicate your interest in the CCM process.

The USU is now asking for nominations from our membership for individuals who wish to represent their colleagues and workmates on the CCM, or for our members to nominate other members.

If you would like to nominate yourself or another to be a part of the CCM, please complete the NOMINATION FORM HERE.  Nominations for this initial round of nomination will remain open until COB on Friday 17 August 2019.

Your EA can be downloaded at: https://www.fwc.gov.au/documents/documents/agreements/fwa/ae504271.pdf

If you have any questions on this process please contact your USU Organiser.

Kind Regards,

Melissa Pond
0408 620 741

Sydney Olympic Park
Emily Callachor
0417 420 924