Qantas bulletin

Your USU/ASU representatives met with Qantas to get an update on the new kiosks that are to be rolled out in Airports over the coming months. While it has long been known that the current kiosks are at the end of life, it appears from initial discussions that the new kiosks are little more than a cosmetic facelift and do little to address the system shortfalls identified by staff during recent DAS (Digital Airport Servicing) restructures.  

We have sought urgent feedback on the following matters:

  • Passengers will be directed to take payments via their own devices after scanning a QR code on the kiosk. The kiosks themselves do not accept payments or have PayWave/ApplePay capabilities which have been a consistent piece of feedback throughout DAS discussions. Qantas are to provide further feedback on what payments can be accepted on personal devices.
  • Passengers who are unable to make payments on their own devices will be directed to a staff member to process CM payments. We have confirmed that this task is undertaken by level 4 staff or above and that it should not be a requirement for level 3 CSA staff to take payments of this kind.
  • Qantas has undertaken to complete OHS risk assessments in each port focusing particularly on COVID safe measures, airport layout, and customer aggression.
  • Qantas anticipate that the rollout will be completed in all ports by around the middle of the year (we forgot to ask which year) but was unable to provide specific dates.

We have requested additional information and local port discussions to identify and address these outstanding matters. It is important you meet with your Health and Safety Representation and USU/ASU delegate throughout the rollout to ensure that any current deficiencies are addressed.  

We will continue to update members as more information becomes available and will continue to push Qantas on the need to meaningfully consult and adopt safe work practices with staff in the rollout of new technology.  

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If you have any queries or concerns regarding your roster, we encourage you to contact your Organiser.

Branch Contact Mobile
NSW US Thomas  Russell 0419 761 320
NSW/ACT Services Rhiannon Robson 0418 336 345
VIC PS Imogen Sturni 0433 339 656
QLD Together Allison Finley-Bissett 1800 177 244
QLD Services Glenn Desmond 0427 975 806
SA/NT Lesley Till 0497 555 875
TAS Aaron  De La Torre 0427 813 821
WA Yvonne Klaa 0417 969 767  

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