Myra Bowman was awarded life membership this past Friday, 24th of March 2018.

Myra has always been a staunch unionist. She joined the Federated Clerks Union many years ago, however it was when she began working at Fairfax in 1999 that her incredible contribution to the Federated Clerks Union / United Services Union was clearly felt.

It only took Myra two years to become one of the Union delegates at Fairfax. Myra was tireless from the very beginning ensuring her colleagues and United Services Union members were able to stand up for themselves to ensure they received their basic entitlements. Unfortunately, the realities of the long-term viability of Fairfax even then was always in the mind of all employees at Fairfax.

Myra not only spent countless hours of her own time supporting her colleagues and United Services Union members, she felt it was also her role to help the other delegates develop the skills and confidence so they could represent the interests of their members as best as possible. Ms Bowman has always been known for her genuineness, but it was her forthright attitude which would often get her into trouble. Not surprisingly, that made Myra very popular with her membership but not with her management.

Myra Bowman with Kellie Gale at the May Day march

Myra with Kellie Gale at the May Day march

Myra was a member of the Committee of Management for several years, where she held a full range of positions which ultimately lead to her time on the Union’s Executive, where her efforts on behalf of the Branch and membership were very much appreciated.

Myra’s greatest victory was perhaps her last as she, along with her work section, was made redundant. The redundancy payments did not have a range of entitlements owed to the members – so Myra, with the support of the Union, took the matter to the Fair Work Commission, which led to a great victory for her and her colleagues in that difficult time.

Myra has always kept up her involvement with the United Services Union. She immediately joined the Retired Members’ Club and has been one of its driving forces. In her position as the United Services Union Retired Members’ Club Secretary, she has helped multiple convenors such as Ben Thompson and Joel Conomos.

Myra with Joel Conomos at the may day march

Myra with Joel Conomos at the May Day march