This is the third member update in our series on the negotiations for the Local Government (State) Award 2023.

Local Government NSW, on behalf of your Council, wants to make it easier for management to ignore your grievances.

Item 20 on the Employer’s Log of Claims for the new Award says:

“[insert] a new subclause (iv) that states “Assessment of a grievance will include consideration of whether the grievance arose from reasonable management action”

Currently you have the ability to raise a grievance or a dispute about an issue at your workplace. This is an important way for you to enforce your workplace rights, raise concerns about things that are going on at your workplace, and improve your working conditions.

Often, but not always, grievances are raised by members due to actions taken by management which may be inappropriate or unfair. Local Government NSW wants to provide councils with the convenient excuse that these grievances have been raised in response to reasonable management action.   

Instead of trying to address legitimate grievances and improve your workplace, Local Government NSW wants to provide councils with a ready-made excuse for ignoring your workplace concerns. This is a blatant attack on your rights to raise an issue as an employee and a Union member and the USU will not entertain these attacks. 

Join the USU today if you want to:

  • protect working conditions in local government
  • protect your right to raise grievances and improve your workplace
  • ensure your voice is heard in the workplace  
The USU conducts around 350 mass meetings of MEMBERS ONLY across NSW to vote on the new NSW Local Government State Award.