Keep Australia Flying reportYesterday we launched the Keep Australia Flying report.

We surveyed more than 500 workers in aviation about what impacts COVID had on them and what they needed to come through this crisis.

What we heard was aviation workers have been doing it tough. Aviation workers are highly skilled and know what it will take to rebuild the industry.

Together we are calling on the Federal government to act urgently to Keep Australia Flying and support airlines workers:

  • We need the Federal Government to extend JobKeeper for aviation workers past March, and to make sure everyone in our society is taken care of
  • We need a solution to support all aviation workers beyond March
  • We need a wage subsidy for our aviation industry beyond March so that when Australia is ready to fly again, experienced and skilled airlines workers are too.
Read the snapshot here >

What’s next?

We’re taking our demands to the decision makers in Canberra by launching our Keep Australia Flying snapshot.

To amplify the voices and demands of all aviation workers we need you.

Email the PM: Tell him to protect aviation workers >

Sign the petition to extend JobKeeper >

Tell the decision makers the real impact COVID is having >

If you have any questions about this email or require any assistance at work, please contact interim organiser Mick Jones on 0450 020 580 or via email at