Council meeting – Monday 18 November 2019

Show your support FOR WASTE SERVICES MEMBERS by attending the next council meeting.

The City of Sydney has listed the variation to the current Cleanaway contract for the next Council meeting to be held on Monday 18 November 2019, commencing at 5.00pm.

The City of Sydney will be seeking endorsement from Council for Cleanaway to take over the areas currently serviced by existing City Waste Services employees.

This means that the City is prepared to gamble the future service delivery in the Local Government Area by relinquishing control to a third party.

Contracting out potentially means that assurances given to the community about Waste Service delivery and what happens to the waste once serviced could be in jeopardy or compromised.

Contracting out could also compromise the City’s standards in adhering to Work, Health and Safety by not having a direct oversight into this third party.

Despite years of a dependable and flexible Waste Service delivery the City is prepared to take the easy road of contracting out services.

This could see the contracting out of more and more services at the City of Sydney.

All members are encouraged to attend the next Council meeting on Monday 18 November to take a stand against contracting.