Please be advised that your Union, the United Services Union, has been working tirelessly since the outrageous developments regarding the lack of certainty for YOUR wage being paid.

Through direct USU intervention with the Local Government Minister and Office of Local Government earlier today, the USU has secured the funds to ensure the Council pays YOUR wages today and for the foreseeable future.

The Union also secured a major industrial win by gaining a recommendation from the New South Wales Industrial Relations Commission to endorse that workers should be paid as normal today. A copy of this recommendation can be downloaded here.

This recommendation will be provided and debated at today’s extraordinary Council meeting.


USU Members should be assured further direct discussions with the Local Government Minister and Office of Local Government and USU Officials in the coming weeks. This is to ensure workers do not suffer due to the apparent financial mismanagement of the Central Coast Council.

The USU thanks the actions of both the Local Government Minister and the Office of Local Government. However, the Union is appalled direct intervention with Government was required to gain answers and ensure workers are paid.

The USU will continue to advocate and will not accept any detrimental impacts on the hard-working USU members at Central Coast Council.

“It is a mess that no worker should be faced with on pay day, the Union has secured the funding to ensure wages are paid due to Council Management’s suspected failures and incompetence,” said USU Organiser Luke Hutchinson.

Please be assured any changes proposed by Council over this period must be in accordance with the NSW Local Government Award 2020. The Award is not negotiable and the USU will ensure Council remains compliant with its obligations.

If you are approached by Council regarding workplace changes due to these reported matters, members are advised to contact your local USU Delegate or me, Luke Hutchinson (USU Organiser) at 0419 761 323 or

We wish to reiterate that your Union is always by your side throughout every step of these concerning developments at Central Coast Council. Being collective will be crucial in ensuring any impacts are minimised.

USU Membership Action: Do you know any fellow work colleagues who are yet to join the USU? Feel free to pass this information through your workplaces and remind them of the benefits of being a member of the USU!

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