Recently several USU members working in the branch network raised concerns regarding Greater Management’s decision directing staff to take customers wanting to open an account into an office.

The Union understands this is a more confidential environment and from feedback received from Greater branch staff it has resulted in better outcomes for both the customer and the Greater.

However, in smaller branches this new procedure can mean that those customers coming into the branch for straightforward transactions may have to wait longer and this also increases the stress on the cashier(s) left to deal with these customers.

The main concern raised is around security and safety and Your Union recently wrote to Greater Management to convey these concerns and seek some clarity on the new Account opening procedures.

We have included Management’s response (DOWNLOAD HERE) which references the Greater Bank Security Policy by stating “that there should always be at least two (2) staff members in the front area of the branch, wherever possible”.

Therefore, it is the Union’s view that if USU members have concerns regarding taking potential new customers into an office when staffing levels will fall below the level stated above they should approach their manager and request to open the account at the counter in the front office area.

Greater Management appear to be taking a “hard line” on employees who breach Policies and/or Procedures and therefore should Union members be directed to put themselves or their workmates in a situation where they feel unsafe or uncomfortable due to the new procedures these concerns should be voiced immediately.

This particular issue may only relate to Branch staff, however, for those working in Head Office it is equally important that you feel safe in your workplace and any concerns around Work Health and Safety or procedures that you feel may not be in line with Greater Policies and Procedures should be reported to your Manager/Supervisor as soon as you are aware of them.

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