The combined unions and Endeavour Energy reconvened the Enterprise Agreement meetings after the school holiday break.
Endeavour tabled a revised pay offer comprising of:

  • A 1.2% pay increase backdated to December ’20; and
  • A further 1.1% increase in December this year.

This revised offer, however, is conditional that the parties reach in principle agreement by the end of May.

Whilst your union appreciates the revised offer, the timetable to reach in principle agreement is unrealistic given there remains several outstanding items that the parties are yet to reach agreement.

These items include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Drafting of an improved Dispute Settlement Procedure that ensures a dispute remains “live” in the event an Agreement is renewed at the time that dispute proceedings are taking place;
  • The compressed working week whereby Endeavour seek to remove RDO entitlements (where an RDO falls on a public holiday) from those who work a 4 day week;
  • Shiftwork agreements and how shiftwork is arranged;
  • Street-lighting Agreement whereby Endeavour seek to reduce the bonuses from those who undertake street-lighting work; and
  • Occasions for which employees are paid the Electrical License Allowance.

Furthermore, Endeavour still seek to grandparent current Long Service Leave entitlements for new employees, in that new employees who come into the business once the Agreement comes into effect receive far inferior LSL entitlements – your union and negotiation team are fundamentally opposed to this proposal.

Additionally, Endeavour also seeks an 18 month Agreement – again, your union and negotiation team are opposed to this proposal as it would undermine the industrial strength of Endeavour employees in times when the Agreement is up for renewal. Presently, your Agreement expires roughly in line with your colleagues working at Ausgrid & TransGrid – this aspect of the Agreement provides Endeavour employees greater industrial strength in times of negotiations.

We remind you that your negotiation team is:

  • Gary “Box” Dowers – Penrith Pole Yard;
  • Tracey Turner – Huntingwood;
  • Stuart Kirk – Glendenning; and
  • Dave Johnson – Ausconnex, Hoxton Park.

If you have any questions, please contact one of your delegates or Troy Dunne on 0419 403 076 or