Just because a condition has been grandfathered for you does not make it safe. Grandfathering means a condition is only protected in the job you are in and as part of your existing employment contract.

As a result if you change job you lose this condition meaning you are limited on:

✗ Reduced career progression through an inability to change jobs
✗ An inability to change positions
✗ Difficulty to move between full-time and part-time

Any change to your employment contract could see you move to a 38 hour week

The 35 hour week has been a long protected condition in the Local Government (State) Award. This is currently under attack from the employer group who seek to remove this condition and grandfather it for existing employees. This is clear in the employer’s log of claims at point 10 of 17 which states:

10. Clause 18 A [Ordinary Hours] – Delete Subclause 18A (ii) of the Award so that weekly ordinary hours of work for all full time employees is thirty eight (38) per week, and grandfather the entitlement (to a 35 hour week) for existing full time employees only.

If you oppose this claim to remove a 35 hour week for you and future employees, please sign up to our petition which we will collect from all NSW Councils and which we will present to the employers and also table in the IRC in stating our vehement opposition to this claim.