This unfair budget puts big business before battlers. It gives big business an $80 billion tax handout and makes Australians pay for it with savage spending cuts.

Malcolm Turnbull and Scott Morrison have delivered an out of touch budget that shows they have the wrong priorities for working Australians.

The tax cuts are skewed to favour high income earners and big business.


It’s time to take a stand and tell the Liberals to drop their $80 billion tax handout to the top end of town.

Money is being cut from schools to pay for tax cuts to big business and meanwhile our hospitals continue to be ignored.

Malcolm Turnbull had the chance to take serious action to help working families, and he failed.

He could have stopped his cuts to Medicare – but he didn’t. He could have reversed his $17 billion of cuts to local schools – but he didn’t.

Instead he cut $270 million from TAFE and apprentices – how many opportunities for our kids and grandkids have now been lost?

Malcolm Turnbull and Scott Morrison have let working families down – so let’s send them a message.

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