Your Union has, with the assistance of Greater Bank Employee Nominated Bargaining Representatives, achieved a great result following negotiations for the new EA.

The response to the employee survey provided Greater Management and the Employee Bargaining Group (EBG) with excellent feedback on areas employees felt required attention.

To support these claims the EBG provided Management with considerable data, documentation and comparisons with other employers. 

Numerous areas were discussed including:

  • Wage Increases
  • Flexible Working Arrangements
  • Working from Home
  • Superannuation
  • Hours of Work
  • Leave entitlements
  • Salary Continuance

Spirited but respectful discussion took place and as a result the following improvements were achieved:

  • Term of Agreement approximately 2 ½ years
    expiring on 1 July 2024
  • Wage increases:
    • 2.5% 2 July 2022
    • 2.5% 29 June 2023
    • 2.5% 1 July 2024 (3.0% if Wage Price Index goes above 3%; 1.50% if it drops below 1%)
  • Superannuation paid on both Paid and Unpaid Parental Leave
  • Introduction of 1 paid Wellbeing Leave per year (non-cumulative)
  • Increase in Compassionate Leave

Greater management have also reviewed several areas of the Paid Parental Leave Policy and have proposed the following changes:

  • Eligibility now after 12 months continuous employment – down from 18 months
  • Removal of the obligation to repay Paid Parental leave payment if the employee does not return to work following their leave.

The Union welcomes these changes which now remove the spectre of an employee feeling they have to return due to the potential extra financial cost of repaying monies.

Management have also agreed to set up consultative forums to discuss flexibility in the workplace and also the current salary Continuance provisions.

Overall this is a great outcome for USU members given the current economic climate and the uncertainty in everyone’s lives at this time.

Your Union supports the package on offer and recommends members vote YES when it comes time to vote.

IMPORTANT: Your vote is important – we encourage all employees covered by this EA to cast a vote

For further information on the Agreement contact your USU officials Paul Sansom on or Mick Jones on