The results are in from last Thursday’s EA ballot. 

88% of the 143 TFH employees who voted rejected managements latest offer. 

You have made your voices loud and clear to management – 2.5% does not go far enough and by leaving out our CPI clause means our security is stripped away from us. 

By sticking together – we have demonstrated that we can use our strengths in numbers to hold the line not just in improving our pay and conditions but defending them. 

What’s next? 

Your USU representatives and management have organised to meet next Friday 11th Feb to continue negotiating in good faith. 

Clearly, when 88% of the workforce have formally rejected the current offer – a lot of mending has to be made from management to reach an agreement with us. 

We will continue to keep you informed as further negotiation progress over the coming weeks. 

Thank you! Your USU Bargaining Team have been working tireless mostly in their own time advocating for members and ensuring your voices are heard at the negotiation table. 

They are: Vince Raschilla, Michael Garner, Simon Perrett, Crystal Bailey, Julia Huh and Phil Laidlaw. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your Bargaining representatives who will continue to represent the interests of our members at the negotiation table. 

 We are stronger together! 

New members can join online or by calling 1300 136 604.