USU/ASU delegates and organisers held further consultation meetings with management yesterday and we can now advise that Virgin will be making binding offers to everyone who expressed interest in redundancy or leave without pay (LWOP).

The expressions of interest received at each port for both redundancy and LWOP were close to the targets set by Virgin for future required headcount.  As such, Virgin has agreed to offer and accept all requests in line with the dates you have selected. Currently the EOIs are non-binding but to make them binding you will need to sign and accept the company’s offer.

Letters of offer should be received today for anyone who expressed an interest in either LWOP and redundancy, and will need to be returned by 6pm on Monday 14 September.

It is important to remember that the EOIs were non-binding so some people may change their mind about taking redundancy or LWOP, you can change your mind, nothing becomes binding until you get an offer from Virgin and you accept it by signing the offer.  We will provide a further update to members once we have a confirmation of final numbers at each location.

Available to work pool

We will be holding further meetings with management to discuss ongoing rostering once we have the final numbers of those in the available to work pool.  Remember, these numbers are likely to change over the coming weeks as people decide whether to proceed with redundancy or LWOP. 

Need more information?

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