Your USU/ASU representatives met with management on Wednesday to discuss fairer rostering arrangements for guest services workers at Virgin.

We all know that COVID-19 has brought unprecedented uncertainty to borders and flying schedules, and we want to work with Virgin to ensure that it can have enough staff available when they need them, but we also need to make sure that the workforce is treated fairly and doesn’t get burnout. VA workers are the ones that have carried the airline through this crisis – and after 10 months of totally unpredictable hours, it’s time for guest services staff to have a bit more certainty.

Your USU/ASU representatives told management we need rostering arrangements that:

  • Accommodate flexible work arrangements and job share agreements;
  • Give full time workers full time hours;
  • Give all employees some predictability or regularity in their roster patterns so you can have better work/life balance;
  • Accommodate shift swaps and giveaways between workers.

We have planned another meeting for mid February, and we are really hopeful that at that meeting we will be able to get management to make some concrete commitments on these issues for RP 4 (which commences on 22 March).

We will keep members updated with developments.

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