After lodging a Stand Down dispute in the Fair Work Commission earlier this week, the union today met with Jetstar and participated in conciliation facilitated by the Commission to negotiate the airline’s rostering principles for 2021.

 The USU/ASU is concerned that Jetstar has issued rosters that do not comply with minimum EBA entitlements, including minimum hours and notice periods for actual rosters.  Additionally, Jetstar have been making changes to rosters and recalling staff to work at the last minute – in some cases waiting until the night before a shift to let staff know they are required to work the following day.

The USU/ASU has developed an updated set of rostering principles for Jetstar to consider.  The key issues that the updated principles aim to address are:

  • Predictability – allowing staff to make plans regarding their personal lives and other employment commitments with greater certainty;
  • Transparency – adopting triggers for allocating reduced available work coinciding with a Stand Down; and
  • Clearer communication – avoiding staff being penalised for missing a last minute text message directing them to attend a shift.

The USU/ASU will meet with Jetstar again next week to continue negotiating the proposed rostering principles.  If we can’t reach an agreement that is fair for Jetstar workers, the USU/ASU will return to the Commission to seek their assistance in resolving the dispute.

New annual leave proposal

Jetstar today announced that it is considering a new proposal for dealing with annual leave while no projected rosters in place.  Jetstar have only provided limited details thus far, however, the ASU understands that the proposal involves:

  • A commitment to clarifying the process for applying for leave, including the ability for staff to review earlier leave requests;
  • Leave for part-time staff being provided based on that staff member’s average hours in the period April 2019 to March 2020; and
  • Applying a flat loading of 26% to all annual leave (in place of applicable shift penalties).

The USU/ASU will consult with members once Jetstar release further details of its proposal.

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